Clearwater Ranks In Top 10 For Spring Break Rentals: Survey

Clearwater Ranks In Top 10 For Spring Break Rentals: Survey

Clearwater Ranks In Top 10 For Spring Break Rentals: Survey

CLEARWATER, FL – Clearwater has always been one of the more popular beaches in the Tampa Bay area for spring breakers and a new survey proves it ranks high overall for Florida rental destinations. HomeToGo, which lists more than 200,000 vacation rentals on its search engine, ranked Clearwater as the 7th most popular for rentals in the Sunshine State.

Anna Maria Island ranked 9th and Siesta Key ranked 12th in the listing by HomeToGo. Panama City Beach took the top spot, followed by Destin, Sanibel Island, Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach.

While some hotels were included in the findings, company spokesman Dominic Walker in Berlin told Patch that most of the listings on HomeToGo represent rental houses or apartments, which could skew the findings toward cities with fewer hotel rooms.

“Sometimes attracting the wrong kind of headlines, Spring Break has become a byword for hedonism,” the HomeToGo website penned. “Instead of focusing on the exuberant few who concern communities in Florida, we wanted to find out how much Florida’s economy benefits from the yearly influx of Spring Break vacationers of all ages staying in vacation rentals. Families also look to make the most of the school vacations, and others simply search for some much-coveted warmth after the chilly winter period.”

The findings were based on the number of listings posted on in each of the destinations; average group size; average occupancy rate during Spring Break; average spend of a visitor when visiting Florida. The results focused on a six-week period from the beginning of March to mid-April. Visit Florida supplied data on the amount spent by the average visitor in Florida as well as breakdown of what tourists spent their money on.


The average visitor spent 32 percent of their vacation budget on accommodations followed by 23 percent on food and drink; 10 percent on transportation; 19 percent on entertainment and 16 percent on other categories, according to the study.

Rounding out the top 10 Florida destinations were Orlando, Fort Myers and Daytona Beach.

Read more on the rankings by clicking here.

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